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Social Media PrismA prism is a fascinating object; a transparent, optical element used to reflect light or break it into its spectral colors. In a way, our minds are like prisms -- bending, shaping, moulding the knowledge and thoughts that run through it, transforming them to reflect our own unique ideas and perspectives.

This blog offers my thoughts on social media and the rapidly-changing world of communication. The way we access, consume and share information or even just interact with each other is very different from how we did a decade ago. And increasingly, this change seems to be accelerating its pace. The online world now dictates how businesses communicate with customers and build their brands. Journalists no longer interact with their readers or viewers only through print or television media, public relations is no longer only about placing stories in print media, and marketing is now much more than just the 4Ps.

Navigating through this simple, yet complex world of the Web and how it has transformed communication, I hope to discuss, exchange and share ideas amidst the clutter and chaos of it all. I'd love to hear from you so please leave your comments and feedback. Thank you for stopping by!

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Farida Harianawala

My passion for communication and love for the written word has spanned careers in journalism, freelance writing and PR/Communications. It was my recent Master's degree in PR and Corporate Communication (NYU) that piqued my interest in social media and while working as a E-Communications/Social Media Executive at a PR agency in New York, I was able to implement the social media lessons I had learned.

Looking back, my different roles as a communicator have helped me view the shifting communication landscape from multiple perspectives and better understand how the latest communication trends are transforming journalism, public relations and business in general. Through this blog, I hope to learn, share and engage with others who share my love for communication and new media.

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