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Master's Thesis: Role of Social Media in Internal Communication at Global Companies

As the title suggests, my thesis as part of my Master's degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication (NYU), was on the role of social media at internal communication at global companies. I am sharing my thesis here as a resource for those who are interested or are researching the subject.


This paper evaluates the role of social media in internal communication at global companies. The first part of the paper provides an overview of social media and internal communication and examines and evaluates the different social media tools currently being used by multinational companies to communicate with employees. It also analyzes the relationship of each of these social media tools with overall communication goals and strategies. The second part goes on to examine the key considerations and challenges in implementing social media tools internally, including the potential of social media to change the existing model of internal communication.

Through research and qualitative interviews, the third part examines case studies of global companies like IBM, Novo Nordisk and Dell, which are using social media to communicate with their employees. Lastly, this paper concludes by providing recommendations for other companies that can serve as a guideline for introducing social media in internal communication or to enhance the effectiveness of social media tools already adopted internally.


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